Bartolomé Gourmet is located in a privileged environment: at the Salt; It is one of the streets that begin in the Plaza Mayor and flows into posts.
Tackle shop will find one of the famous facades painted by Antonio Mingote.
Bartolomé Gourmet origins date back to 1837. The family grandfather Bartholomew began as an apprentice butcher in the 20s; Ten years later he took the business that, after 3 generations still watching from your doorstep the Plaza Mayor.
If today goes beyond your door, you will find on the shelves a careful selection of Spanish delicacies.

Bartolomé Gourmet Shop
The cheese section has the quality of Asturias, Manchego, Idiazabal cheese.
Salamanca Iberian arrive; Honey Tiétar Valley; for the sweetest, there is a section of Alicante nougat and marzipan, chocolate sweets Castilian and craftsman.
If you're looking for a funny gift, you will find candied violets, developed in Aragon.
Visitors from other countries, are looking for the saffron and paprika; Saffron can find our own brand.
In the cellar of wines coexist Bartolomé Gourmet Rioja, Rueda, who come from Penedes and nearby, the wines of Madrid.
For olive oil, there is also a landmark. There are also ecological.
From the Galician empanada the Mallorcan sobrasada, to sausages and black pudding of Asturias, the tour of Spain may be most appealing in Bartolomé Gourmet.